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Sunday 7th April at 4.00pm 

Amersham Fair Organ Museum

The Amersham Fair Organ Museum is one of the premier collections of mechanical organs in the country – one of Amersham's best kept secrets!  Mechanical ‘fairground’ organs were used by travelling amusement proprietors at the turn of the 20th century to provide music for their rides and were recognised by all as the call to come join the fun of the fair.  Enjoy reliving childhood fair trips while learning about the magnificent organs and hearing the music of the exuberantly loud and impressively ornate Marenghi, Silcock Gavioli and Limonaire fair organs.  As well as enjoying the music, our guided tour will explain how the historic instruments spent their working lives on the fairground, and you will gain an understanding of how a mechanical organ produces music.

The classical music ranges from that of Rossini, Verdi and Ponchielli to Strauss waltzes to musicals and a finale of Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance No.1.

Tickets: £12  Students £5 


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