Italian Wine Tasting

with Mark Hughes, interspersed with Italian Romantic songs
Monday 20th April 2020 at 8.00 pm 


The King’s Chapel

30 High Street

Old Amersham





Mark Hughes has spent his entire professional life in the wine trade as, amongst other things, Wine Controller for Safeway and UK Sales and Marketing Director for Hardy’s Australian Wines.


The Real Wine Company was the result of a Victor Meldrew-like rant against the impossibility of finding real wines that make you sit up and take notice. Over the years  he has discovered gorgeous wines from around the world made by individual wine producers passionate about their wines. 

He created The Real Wine Company, a leading wine shop online, to showcase these wines and winemakers.


Their catalogue includes a range of delightful Italian and Slovenian wines, white, red and Prosecco, which will be introduced and tasted in the course of the evening, along with appropriate musical interludes - Romantic songs by  Bellini, Tosti etc.


Tickets: £30





Sponsored by Halstan and Co Ltd.